My Story 

Hi my name is Joy Namukulwa and I am a Zambian girl who enjoys photography and sharing stories from migrants through MATW

Photography as a career has always been my most treasured dream and life goal , even after graduating university I knew that this is something I need to pursue in order to feel accomplished and know that if you put your mind to it we can accomplish anything. 

 A platform like this is a great way for me to celebrate my love for photography while also sharing unique stories of individuals who have braved tremendous amount of stereotypes and biases around being a migrant and the challenges or triumphs of life as a migrant around the world (MATW). in turn becoming part of a community. 

A famous  African proverb states "it takes a village to raise a child"  through photography and storytelling i hope to one day be part of a community of amazing human beings, who have braved or are still braving their personal battles to archive their goals.

my only hope is that you take the time to fully immerse your self in all the beauty and diversity this platform has to offer.

                       with love🤎                  

         Joy Namukulwa 


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