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Hello & welcome!

 Aside from being a Digital and Film Photographer based in the South of France. here's a few things you should know about me. 

I am an only child which means I adopt every single person I become close to as my new sibling. I grew up in Zambia, lived in Australia for a while before moving to the South of France.

If I had a dog or when I finally have one in my life, I would name him Loki after my departed fish "I just love the name". 

I have a Bachelors Degree in Social Science even though I still don't know what's the whole purpose of the Degree, what type of work I was supposed get with the degree, or how to even explain it to people when they ask me about my degree, but the thing I am most proud of or the one good thing that came from my university Learning experience was


Photography for me is my "stepping out of my comfort zone experience", I have always loved it and practiced it here and there but never fully had the courage to actually give it my all and see what happens up until to say I am beyond excited for this rollercoaster of experiences and emotions I about to experience with you all.

Lastly I am a lover of film photography in all forms, landscape, architecture, interior, portraits and more...... if you see me around somewhere I probably have a film camera in my hands or my bag just waiting for the right lighting to capture an image.  

OK enough about me, I hope that wasn't too much oversharing.... 

                       with love🤎                  

         Joy Namukulwa 

Now its your turn, let's chat tell me little bit about yourself, your partner or family and how we can make lasting memories together.......get in touch

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